Zainab’s last moments before her rape and murder – BBC News

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The rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Pakistan has sparked outrage across the country and deadly protests in Kasur city.
CCTV footage has since emerged showing Zainab being led away by an unknown man.
Her case is the latest in a series of similar murders in the city

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  • Abu Yasar

    The rich pakistani people buy little girls for parties then the men consume large amounts of alcohol before gang rape them then kill them. . Over 200 cases a week nothing new going on for decades. …

  • Rajni Kaur

    Pgl pakistan ke police. ….sorry to say …but ….1 saal mai 12 rape or murder ek he area mai…or inhony koi action he nai utayaya. …shameful ….mai indian hun hamary yaha pr b rape hoty hai..but ek he area mai issa ho tho action na utya jye….ye bhut bre lanat hai….thore se agar sharam hai police walo ko tho plz ….zindgi tho batchi ke batcha nai paye…at least us ghatiya insaan ko he pakard lo…takki batchi ke aatma ko shantti mile.

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