Who should take in refugees? BBC News

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There are more people displaced from their homes than any time since World War Two. What to do about refugees – and who should take them in – will be a focal point as the UN meets in New York City.

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  • Ryer Zebra

    World War 2 refugees were mostly european escaping hitlers reign and these europeans were able to settle due to the same culture. Read the facts and due your history. This crisis is a Muslim migrant crisis who see it as a mass advantage to get into the west for free…. -.- Back than was a world war these are civil wars…. a total difference as well the population nearly tripled after WW2 so please do your research and do not compare it with today's modern crisis.

  • kalevane

    maybe the rich muslim countries in the gulf, but they know what kid of people muslims are so they dont accept any, a smart move look what those rapefugees are doing in Europe

  • King Killahoe

    does anyone in here have an answer for why their are barely any woman seeking refuge? majority of them are grown men, an some children. we do not need these people in our country, they will tear everything that we have built down and I won't stand for it. they bring nothing but war fueled hatred, and disease with them, an they need to liberate their own land or die trying, nothing else to it.

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