US-Russia probe: Trump son-in-law Kushner denies collusion – BBC News

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President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner will tell a Senate panel later that neither he nor any member of the Trump campaign team colluded with Russian officials over the US election.
He will say he had no improper contacts and had not relied on Russian funds to finance his business activities.
Mr Kushner released his opening statement ahead of the panel meeting.
The Senate, along with the House and a special counsel, are all investigating Russian interference in the election.

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  • BritishMoralHQ

    im pro democrat leftie…but this trump russia bashing has some ulterior motives.. the NWO/illuminati dont want anglo russo friendship flourish again… i mean .. remember americans russian fought and died for USA under president Andrew jackson in new orleans.. Russia has been a stead fast supporter of Free america since its inception… Dont blame communism on innocent russians… Russian always have had good will for America..Land of the free Home of the Brave.. Oh say can you see…

  • Coeus 2.0

    If it is not fake news it is non news ….. the BBC is just another CNN …. globalist agendas, PC crud and over representing minorities and no care for borders security or really the people who live in Britain. it oozes bias and vomits out its propaganda ….. Trump is doing an amazing job. I wish we had someone like him in charge here, somebody who cares about their nation, their borders, their sovereignty and who has the guts to tell the climate hysterics and the globalists to go fish ….

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