Ulterior motive for Times’ letters from Trump voters?

Căn hộ cao cấp Vinhomes D' Capitale Trần Duy Hưng

Katrina Pierson says the New York Times’ letters from Trump supporters are a way to publish the Trump administration’s accomplishments without having to run an actual story on them.

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  • Andrea Vlasis

    I was with Trump the day he said he was Running. Barrack Obama never was for American. Not do I believe for one sec, he was born in USA. I did alot of searching facts. The moment I read He was in Belief with Sal ALINSKY., Exactly like Hill Kill the rest of the Liberals, Globalist.I get it.I new his being black he would win. I wish I was wrong. But as usual What You See Is Not What You Got From Barry . He is a backdoor piece of shit.He Used his black race, as well as stupid whites browns. Not me he is so obvious . They fell in love with this black man this was his agenda.and we're ever there was trouble with the black race out came the RACE CARD.CRYSTAL CLEAR WHAT HIS AGENDA WAS TO DIVIDE THE THE RACE. ONLY STUPID SEE WHAT THEY WANT HE PLAYED ON THEM. AS SO THE DEMOCRATS HAVE BEEN DOING FOR 70 YRS. WAKEUP

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