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  • Patrick Lee

    So after watching the Carly interview with Tim Black, I can say all of this is a $hitshow, and Jordan got caught in the middle. Basically, girl cheats on hubby for Jordan, girl tries to date Jordan, Jordan is too much of a player to settle with the girl, girl hates Jordan for dumping her, girl blames Jordan for destroying her marriage, girl claims rape, SJW white knights charge in for the rescue, Jordan gets thrown under the SJW bus, right wing laughs at left-wing infighting, everybody loses, the end. So ya, that's the story.

    Not saying Jordan didn't make some bad decisions cuz he clearly slept with a crazy psychotic b!tch who was married. But he's not the rapist everyone makes him out to be. I get why TYT fired him, but it's stories like these that make me think there is no future for humanity.

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