Trump’s HHS Pick: Alex Azar, a Big Pharma Insider Who Pushed Drug Price Increases For a Decade

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TYT Contributor David Sirota discusses Donald Trump’s pick for Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary: Alex Azar. Unsurprisingly, Azar’s résumé is exactly like all of Trump’s other picks: exactly the opposite of what you would hope for. Azar was president of Eli Lilly during a period of exponential drug-price increases, and Eli Lilly has been lobbying HHS for years for changes that would help drugmakers at the expense of the public.

Read TYT Investigates’ reporting on Eli Lilly here:

Go to for original reporting from The Young Turks.

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    WaPo reporter was caught in secret meeting with soros. We all know how tyt covers for soros. So do you think fake news tyt will cover it? Not unless they are ordered to run damage control.

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