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  • Mike Edwards

    So we should accept voter fraud in our elections? We should accept people from other states voting in our elections and admitting to it on tv?? We might as well throw in the towel now then!!

  • Linda M

    I don't know that I agree Roy Moore should concede. If people voted who had no right it should be exposed and they be held accountable, military votes should be counted. Alabama citizen vote should mean something and not crossed out by those having no right. But this is up to Alabama.

  • Leonard Wong

    The thing that should be investigated is how the US accumulated such a large trade deficit over the years. Trillions of dollars……. someone is to blame. Remember that the more US goes down, the more its competitors go up. Technically….its treason.

  • Elaine Fortune

    Mr President, Please step in and fire Rosenstein, Replace Mueller and team with new people or end the witch hunt all together.  This is so corrupt and only you can stop it!  Please, Drain the Swamp as promised!!!

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