Steve Kerr: Kevin Durant’s Twitter drama ‘not a big deal’ | ESPN

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Steve Kerr says he spoke with Kevin Durant about being in the spotlight but is not concerned about the situation.

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  • whydouneedakno

    The only script i enjoyed in the past 10 years or so is when the League had LBJ turn heel but they had him announce his decision via a TV show, holy shit that triggered sooo many people… That will forever be the greatest heel turn in NBA history… KD's heel turn was garbage, Shaq's heel turn was garbage and whoever else the NBA had turn heel, it was a garbage heel turn…

  • whydouneedakno

    Most NBA fans are between the ages of 10 – 17 so that explains why they are gullible morons… These clowns will BELIEVE anything… There has been no KD drama until 5 days before media day at training camp… Clearly that shit was scripted… Like a lot of people have been saying, the NBA desperately needs to hire some new writers cuz the current one's are terrible.. This fake drama was a horrible script… And it was also very immature… Lets have our 2nd best player create a fake Instagram to shit talk people then lets have him tweet out that he hated playing for his coach and outside of RW, that team was shit… Great script… Sikeeeeee… The WWE which is garbage now still puts out better scripts than the NBA does…

  • whydouneedakno

    I cannot believe people believed this fake drama… It would of been more believable if he didnt have the fake instagram.. This is how dumb NBA fans are, so they had no idea he had a fake Instagram until his brother tagged his fake account into the pic… Then they say KD is just mad he got caught when in reality, he exposed himself on purpose… Then the next day or 2, he sends out 2 tweets talking in 3rd person yet all the retards believe he did it on accident and just forgot to switch accounts… That would of been believable if the fake Instagram never existed… You cant have a fake Instagram and send out 2 tweets talking in 3rd person within a day or 2 apart and for it to be believable… Clearly KD is trolling.. His 2 tweets were a dead give away that he is trolling.. No athlete would ever tweet that out legit…

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