Southwest Flight Attendants’ Union May File Claim After Pilot’s Rant

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A pilot who landed in hot water after a profanity-laced rant was broadcast over an open mic may be back on the job, but now may be the target of a lawsuit by the airline’s flight attendants union. Thom McDaniel, a Houston-based flight attendant who is the union’s president, said he was “disappointed to know to know that one of my co-workers would first of all think that about the people that I work with, that I’m so proud of and would say that in a venue where other people could hear it and embarrass the company and our workers.” McDaniel said the union is focused on ensuring airline employees understand the workplace is tolerant of diversity and without discrimination of any kind.

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  • Better With A Drone

    Did anyone else happen to notice that the title of this video is 100% FALSE?

    At 02:55 the union rep is asked if the union will file a discrimination suit.
    At 03:00 he answers: no

    I see FOX is maintaining it's own well-known standards of veracity.

  • SJ

    Flight attendant unions have ruined the flying experience for everyone… not just the pilots but the poor paying public… Try flying on Asiana, Korean, Singapore, China Southern, Emirates, or any one of dozens of foreign carriers… better service, better looking service and generally friendlier F/As.

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