Slackwire Sam Johnson – Performer His Sway Pole Into a Catapult Swing – America’s Got Talent 2013

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He says it’s the most dangerous act out there, and now we know why! See Sam Johnson’s high-flying stunt!

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Slackwire Sam Johnson – Performer His Sway Pole Into a Catapult Swing – America’s Got Talent 2013

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  • Wise Wolf Tony

    first off climbing as high as he did with no safety net is suicidal and then swaying the pole on purpose and standing on it is crazy and then to anybody that said hey ill do it is lying unless u have a background of doing stunts u couldn't get me to climb that let alone hang upside down before he puts his leg in the rope thats the part people underestimated but his best act was the hat with gas then doused him self in it juggled burning poles while on a unicycle while on the tight rope

  • Wise Wolf Tony

    But the voting demographic is what kills the danger acts 3 deserve to be in the semi finals the guy that does the sword act on the pole he slipped but that was only due to a wet floor think of the danger hes in he could cut his lungs throat and a number of thing so bad that he would bleed out then the young juggling kid who cares about shomenship try juggling flaming balls standing up let alone hanging up side down and if u screw up ur getting seriously burned and SAM was the MAN

  • Wise Wolf Tony

    i think it has to do with the voter demographic i saw that 59% are women ages 13-39. 17% are women 40-70 and last men are only 24% so that has alot to do with it not to say the singers dont have talent alot do but wtf they vote and send threw the country singer who was nervous and crying cause they like him and the other who is alright cause he worked in a mine and was a veteran the people left that i like are very few the asian video game dancer taylor the comic the two strong men and thats it

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