Senate Just One Vote Away From Saving Net Neutrality

Căn hộ cao cấp Vinhomes D' Capitale Trần Duy Hưng

Could Congress overrule Ajit Pai and the FCC? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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“Fifty senators have endorsed a legislative measure to override the Federal Communications Commission’s recent decision to deregulate the broadband industry, top Democrats said Monday.
The tally leaves supporters just one Republican vote shy of the 51 required to pass a Senate resolution of disapproval, in a legislative gambit aimed at restoring the agency’s net neutrality rules.
Those rules, which banned Internet providers from blocking or slowing down websites, were swept away in a December vote led by Republican FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. Republicans had argued that the rules were too restrictive for industry, while Democrats said they provided a vital consumer protection.”*
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  • BlackBeWhite2k7

    Every single dem in the senate and only 1 republican…THIS is why we need a relevant blue force in the government. Even Joe Manchin is on the right side of this…all but 1 republican isn't.

  • Mr. Clean

    nowhere near enough needed to stop a veto by the president. Interesting how there has been more censorship and removal of accounts on social media after the net neutrality rules happened.

  • Vmw 11

    I actually know a couple people who aren't in favor of net neutrality. Especially Republican cousin who is pretty high up on the ladder at BMW and is a part time cop on the weekend (also an evangelical type that swears he doesn't hate gay people or poor people….lol). He says nothing is fair and fairness and neutrality can't be legislated….That if you try to legislate fairness, it makes it unfair for the big guys on top. Basically he thinks it's unfair to keep all sorts of oppression from happening. I'm guessing those who don't support net neutrality are like him.

  • mrzack888

    Dog and pony show. They were never really gonna get rid of net neutrality, this is just a bone thrown to the peasants. Peasants will think they've won when net neutrality is reinstated. Never mind the fact that tax cuts for the rich, and 20 people own more than half the world's wealth, or that half the public schools are in disarray and people suiciding themselves with opioids.

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