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BBC News looks back at some of Russell Brands more perplexing comments. The comic actor and campaigner Russell Brand has won the Plain English Campaign Foot in Mouth award, for the most baffling quotes by a public figure. Awarded for his public speaking and writing, the judges said Brand was almost in a field of his own, and described his message as “entertainingly garbled”.
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  • ᓮאᗩFᒪᗩᖰ

    Besides his recondite comment made about time being infinite, none of those clips portray Mr Brand as being anything other than an ardent yet perfectly cogent speaker.  I'm only perplexed that the BBC is still able to collect a licence fee (tax) from so many people, when after years of dumbing down its programming it rarely distinguishes itself from ITV.  I suppose an abridged lexicon fits in with that dumbing down.  When is Newsnight to be renamed Newspeak?

  • Jaime Bunting

    I fail to see which of these comments are perplexing, He's basically saying "think differently", "disregard tired practices that don't work", like relying on the BBC for entertaining programming or relevant info. Are you going to do a "best of" Russell Brand moments after this video?.

  • D Sanchez

    You've taken things out of context, played things he has since clarified, and have generally tried to make him look foolish.
    Basically you are trying to discredit him so, by virtue of critical thinking, I surmise he poses some threat to you.
    You are engaging in smear campaign which we see in the media all the time.
    Fortunately more and more people can see through your slick marketing tactics and see you for what you really are and that is obliviously distressed about Mr Brands message to people. Mr Brand is reminding us we do have done agency, we can think critically and we don't need to buy into what we see at face value.

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