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  • Stormy

    there are a lot of people who live in California that want DACA to fail. I think the best statement that I've heard is, "I cannot apply for citizenship, cuz if I do I will lose my DACA funding!" That was a statement I heard from a student in her 3rd.year of college. where is it Americans first.
    we must remember consequences for our actions the parents of these children new with the laws were they avoided it they did not follow through with it whatever their reasoning is these students know what are laws are but we're the United States and we're forgiving and we don't follow any policies we can dodge it for 18 years well time is up we have laws that will be abided by same as if we were in your country!

  • John Littlejohn

    I would like to see him doing something significant about the Sanctuary cities. I grew up in the 1960's near Chicago, IL and was such a great and beautiful city and was relatively safe and respected.. Such a true tragedy to a very great city: sad !!

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