Meet The Progressive Challenger To The “It’s Harder Being Rich Than Being Poor” Guy

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“Randy Abreu is running to represent the borough of the Bronx, District 14, on the New York City Council. He is one of two candidates (we reached out to both) challenging incumbent Fernando Cabrera for the Democratic nomination. Abreu accepted Progressive Army‘s request for an interview.

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Abreu is a first-generation American, born to Dominican immigrants. “I’m born and raised here in the Bronx and I’ve been a part of our community my entire life. My parents immigrated from the Dominican Republic and built their lives here, one step at a time” he told Progressive Army.

After getting his law degree, Abreu worked in Washington D.C. “I worked for the House Judiciary Committee, and defended Planned Parenthood at a time when extremist Republicans were trying to take it down,” he said. Abreu also worked at the Department of Energy under the Obama administration, “where I worked to advance President Obama’s clean energy agenda, which promoted market growth and workplace development.””*

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On this week’s Aggressive Progressives, Jimmy Dore interviews Randy Abreu, discusses Cher’s tweets about taking in DREAMers, comments on HRC’s new book, and gives updates on the war in Afghanistan.

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