Leader Bans ‘Gender-Based Insults’

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French President Emmanuel Macron is banning ‘gender-based insults.’ Brett Erlich, Ben Mankiewicz, and Nando Vila, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you what that means. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Read more here: http://thehill.com/policy/international/europe/362053-macron-to-introduce-fines-for-gender-based-insults-in-france

“French President Emmanuel Macron will make “gender-based insults” illegal in France, he announced Monday.

Macron said during a speech marking the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women that he will make the “verbal attacks” on women punishable by a fine, The New York Times reported.

“The streets should not become hell for the women of France,” he said, calling “to seal a pact of equality between men and women.”

Macron said that France’s Ministry of the Interior is holding meetings that will lead to new rules “in a few weeks’ time.”

France is also considering a series of rules that would make it easier for victims to report instances of sexual assault to police. Those measures include extending the statute of limitation for the rape of a minor to 30 years from the current 20.

Victims could also file initial rape complaints online, and public transit may start offering an “on demand” service, which would let women get off at any point on their bus routes instead of just at designated stops.

The new rules come as sexual harassment allegations have rocked the political and entertainment worlds.”

Hosts: Brett Erlich, Ben Mankiewicz, Nando Vila

Cast: Brett Erlich, Ben Mankiewicz, Nando Vila


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  • shayan64

    Europe is "super racist"? There are "race riots" in Germany, France and Spain "all the time"? That's news to me, and I live in western Europe. Has this "well-travelled" bloke ever lived in any of these countries to have a clear understanding of their race relations? First of all, to just talk about Europe as if all European countries are more or less the same is utterly moronic. Diversity and race relations in the UK or The Netherlands are totally different to, say, Russia or Poland. They're like different planets. And while we're on the subject of diversity, there have been countless female European prime ministers/presidents. And a number of European countries have had, and still have, gay leaders. Now, Mr Vila, could you ever imagine a gay US president? No, me neither. Sometimes you can save yourself from embarrassment if you just say, "I don't actually know much about this subject". And no, we don't use the "N-word" in Europe. What the hell was that all about??

  • Patrick Donellan

    The Prime Minister of the Irish Republic-a Western European country- is non-white! He is half-Indian and a proud person of color. What an incredibly ignorant person Vila is!. He just said it would be unthinkable for a non-white to become a President in Europe. Dang! Hanged on his own petard! Listen you creep issue an immediate apology to the people of Ireland and try to become a little better informed before you shoot your mouth off even on a platform with people as tedious and superficial as Erlich and Mankiewicz.

  • A Standard Commenter

    A little bit rough around the edges, but it is a reasonably accurate picture of Europe. Particularly the policing of hate speech in German society, laicite and limits on religious symbols in france and the ghetoisation of minorities, immigrants and the poor in 'les banlieues' of France. Also there are pretty much NO black or minority leaders of nations in Europe. Furthermore, in the UK minorities are far more marginalised from public debate because they represent a smaller part of the population. Europe has far less blacks than the USA and less experience of successful integration beyond the major rich boy cities like London. If anything, the Brexit vote and  the resurgence of the Afd in Germany and Le Pen in France demonstrates the power of anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe that goes back to colonial empire. Even though immigrants helped to win WW2 and to rebuild Europe afterwards they very much have a marginalised position in society. What is also worrying in the UK, are the growing divisions within immigrant communities, for example between long-time residents and Eastern European newcomers, to a degree where you can have a Pakistani guy spouting anti-immigrant rhetoric that makes him sound like a UKIP voter (just an example). Ultimately though, nativist instincts come to the fore in times of crisis and societal upheaval, and indeed a lack of leadership to unite people behind a common purpose for the nation, region, city, town village etc. The feeling of being 'left-behind' is hitting poor white communities hard, while minorities have suffered this state of affairs for years. Empathy is not strong on the ground and blame is easy. I blame the rich, but I also feel we all have a responsibility as a part of society that indirectly led us into this quagmire of a political discussion. It'll be a long-term process to get us out, mark my words. Anyhow, blaming immigrants will never practically solve the issue, it inevitably leads to totalitarianism and the destruction of democracy. When you defend someone else, you are also defending your own rights, whatever the colour of your skin. Ultimately we need more than a diagnosis, we need a long-term cure. And hopefully Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn, Melenchon, Podemos and others can be the building blocks towards a fairer and more peaceful world.

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