Joe Concha on Media Questioning Trump’s Mental Health: ‘We Are Treating Gossip as Gospel Now’

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Many in the media have been speculating about President Trump’s mental stability following the release of a controversial tell-all book about his first months in the White House.

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  • JamesGU4

    Even if a small portion of Wolff's book is true, it further unveils the bluff and deceit that has marred this White House and Presidency. I'm not taking Wolff's word for it and nor am I taking Trump's because I can see he is mentally unbalanced. It shows in his demeanour, his actions and his consistent lies.

  • Sennie White

    I think of President Donald Trump as someone who walks his own path and follows his own star… So did Einstein and so did Robert Eddison; they had failures but they kept on going. "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country." Citizen Trump watched this nation crumble internally with Bad Trade Deals and Worse Foreign Policy Deals. Obama's Iran-Nuclear Deal, which financed the very Wars that USA was fighting, was historically weak. Candidate Trump took the phrase above and RAN to the Aid of USA.

  • Leonard Wong

    The positive sentiment in the economy, tax cuts and winning the elections, fact that foreign leaders respect Trump; meet and form trade deals with him … are all signs of intellect.
    Trump team should keep track of his meetings with CEO's and accomplishments as well.

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