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  • Gottenhimfella

    The only reason to suspect that there is a problem with bias in the FBI is that an operative had expressed disagreement with Trump's political behaviour. (The operative had already been removed from the investigation before those expressions became known to the public.)

    Here's a thought experiment for you:
    The FBI is staffed by humans. We are a social species, and have political views. Traditionally, the preponderance of those views in the FBI has been conservative and right wing: that's the nature of the law enforcement beast.

    So here's my question: Would you have seen it as disqualifying bias if a message had been publicised in which FBI agents investigating Trump's campaign had expressed misgivings about Clinton's politics, or Obama's?

    BECAUSE BY YOUR OWN YARDSTICK, that would be political bias, and proof that the FBI was sick to the core and needed a radical purge.

    The reservations expressed by agent Stzrok are shared by two Americans in three. It is not some sort of minority aberration. Given his track record as a professional, it is reasonable to expect that he would not have let it influence his work.

    Nevertheless the head of the investigation was not prepared to take that risk. Stzok was removed months before the public got to know about his indiscretion, not as a PR exercise, but because of the self-same high standards which the GOP are now calling into question.

    One more thing makes it obvious that if there was a bias, it was pro Republican. At the time of the election, the FBI had not revealed that the Trump campaign was under investigation, because they did not want to affect his chances of being elected.
    The same criterion was not used with regard to the investigation about Clinton's emails, and it is widely held that premature FBI disclosures about what were incorrectly thought to be fresh developments may have cost her the win.

  • Gilbert R Flores

    Get rid of the f**** FBI have been compromised Declare martial law and dismantle the FBI the IRS and the democratic f**** Communist terrorist Muslim brotherhood party before America has a Civil War

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