Fifteen Democrats Back Bernie’s Medicare For All Bill. Do They Mean It?

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It’s easy to support a bill you know won’t pass under the current president. Time will tell if this support is genuine. Watch the full episode of Aggressive Progressives here:

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“Bernie Sanders has for decades argued that the United States must establish a single-payer health-care system that provides the guarantee of care for all while controlling costs—what he calls a “Medicare for All” structure. So it came as no surprise that the senator from Vermont made single payer central to his 2016 presidential bid. What is striking, Now that the campaign has finished, however, what is striking is the burgeoning interest on the part of prominent Democrats in a reform that was once considered “too bold.” As Sanders prepared to introduce a detailed “Medicare for All” bill on Wednesday, Democratic senators from across the country and from across the ideological spectrum—including Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Kamala Harris of California, Cory Booker of New Jersey, and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York—announced that they would be signing on as cosponsors.”*

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  • lucario719

    it seems a lot of the commenters on this video don't realize that a real side effect of this current push is to make the republican talking points against this seem detestable. Which oddly enough, the commenters do a great job of doing themselves…

  • Heartofserenity555

    Single payer coverage (Government funded and controlled) restricts choice for its citizens. Many countries who currently provide their citizens with government funded and controlled health care have had problems with rationing health care, long waiting periods for services, and higher taxes to pay for the medical bureaucracy. Patients in these countries have little or no choice in the doctors they see, and a second opinion is almost impossible to get. Many end up coming to the U.S. to receive services they can't receive in their own countries. Government run health care also restricts research by private industry, since there is no financial benefit for finding new and better procedures and medicines.

  • Islamiscancer! !

    With the amount of debt the United States currently lies beneath, this option would be terrible. Most Americans are already covered under plans offered by employers, private plans they subscribe to, or medicare/medicaid. The government already runs these last two, and from what I hear they are not very efficient or cost effective.

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