EU’s Juncker: UK ‘will regret Brexit’ – BBC News

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The EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker tells the European parliament in his annual state of the union speech that the EU will always regret Brexit – and the UK will, too.

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  • Aeon Underhand

    Are you going to post Nigel's rebuttal to their plans at all BBC? The one where they mention the EU army and the totalitarian new position of EU prime minister? I won't hold my breath you cowardly, back stabbing, shit people because if you have taught me one thing watching you it's that you cannot be trusted because your moral compass is in the gutter.

  • MadCat9500

    The First Continental System was under Napoleon it failed, The Second was under Hitler it also failed, now The EU is pushing a Third Continental System it will also fail. Nation's should and shall have self determination and making threats against the UK as well as other dissenting nation's shall lead to the collapse of this Third Continental system that is forced upon the peoples of Europe.

  • The Short Session Angler

    Scaremongering from both sides, economists that funnily enough find in favour of whichever side they voted, we may regret it we may not, we are an adaptable people brexit will provide plenty of oppertunities and areas we can exploit, sure its scary to change, but change is coming.

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