Drawbar (feat. Tom Morello) | LPTV #125 | Linkin Park

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This episode of LPTV takes us back to 2013 when Tom Morello joined the band in the studio to work on the song “Drawbar” off of 2014’s The Hunting Party.

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  • LPsMartIn

    No matter what you guys say: I wanna see the Making Of to the real 'Drawbar', cuz we all know, that this was the working title to 'Final Masquerade'. Then again I wanna see how "Chester's Song" 'Warrior' grew up to it's final version :3
    All you Rebellion-Lovers I understand u and appreciate your opinion, but my very favourites are and stay Final Masquerade, A line in the Sand and Keys To The Kingdom. I NEED A 'THE MAKING OF THE HUNTING PARTY' PLEASE!!! 😛

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