Don Jr. Rips NBC’s Pro-Oprah Tweet, Says They’ve Given Up Hiding Bias

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Donald Trump Jr. called out NBC for tweeting that Oprah Winfrey is “OUR future president” during the Golden Globe Awards Sunday night.

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  • Ian Rust

    I wouldn't fall for it… Trump is a populist but he has very strong business skills underlying it. Oprah is more of a pure celebrity and I'm just not convinced. Trump is not all populism.
    I'm sure she'd win the black vote and do fairly well with women but what else is new

  • bdawk20

    Hey NBC, I have a tip for you…

    If you want to still be seen as a credible news organization, you have to do a few things…

    1) Possess at least a shred of journalistic integrity

    2) Present information objectively and not subjectively

    3) At least try to hide your bias and political leanings

    Considering you aren't doing any of these things, you're not a news organization anymore. You're just a left-wing propaganda network.

    #NBCisPropaganda #FakeNews

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