Corbyn on Brexit and the ‘rising’ Labour movement – BBC News

Căn hộ cao cấp Vinhomes D' Capitale Trần Duy Hưng

Andrew Marr speaks to the Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn MP.

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  • Layton .J

    Conservatives have bring us Downhill for too long we can't even trust them for caring for our Kids with there Messed up Manifesto wanting to Abolish our School kids food. Some people can't pay more for there kids it's difficult. and there future in Education will be difficult as the Tories are underfunding it.
    the NHS is starting to get privatised and NHS ambulances are getting private. We are indeed fucked under this Government they want to tax us on everything we know this because of the dementia tax and other things.
    They Can't even tackle the Housing Crisis and Cons will Abolish Social housing soon as it is not getting no funds

    And yes I know Labour does do some Debt but through history Labour has paid that Debt more than Tories..
    Just couple of months ago Tories boosted our debt hugely.

  • It

    Scarecrow corbyn is becoming the modern day pied piper, he is promising weak minded people the world and will lead them over the edge to destruction, wake up people before it's to late.🎈

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