Confederate flag: Symbol of hate or heritage? BBC News

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For many the emblem of racism and hatred dating back to the American Civil War150 years ago. Several photographs have emerged of the gunman, Dylann Roof, holding it before he went on his murderous shooting spree. President Obama says the Confederate flag belongs in a museum…yet just 180km away from the scene of the shootings… at the state house in Columbia, the Confederate Flag still flies. But what does the flag really stand for? Sarah Churchwell, Professor of American studies at East Anglia University spoke to Victoria Derbyshire.

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  • Wotdermatter

    She does not appear to know the true history of the flag. The Confederate Battle Flag was used to lead troops into battle and was never designed nor used as a flag to represent the Confederacy. That was a completely different design.

    Then she goes on to talk about the English flag, which is the red cross of St George and she is making hand signals to make it look as it the cross (an X) was like the Confederate Battle Flag. Do your research before opening your mouth or putting fingers on key boards.

    This woman (for want of another word) is full of BS.

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