CNN Panel Shows Its Clinton Bias

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A panel on CNN dismissed Bernie Sanders criticisms of Hillary Clinton’s record. One woman claimed that asking Clinton to release her Goldman Sachs speech transcripts is a character attack. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“CNN panelists piled on Bernie Sanders this afternoon and took on some of the more concerning elements surrounding his campaign.

The discussion focused on what Jake Tapper referred to as an “ugly convention” in Nevada, where Sanders supporters got angry and violent and threatening. Sanders issued a statement offering a general condemnation of violence, but that is not tamping down the outrage.

New York Times correspondent and CNN analyst Maggie Haberman called out the narrative that Sanders is “above politics and above the fray” when he is engaging in “character attacks” about Clinton in questioning her Wall Street ties.”

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  • John Townsend

    For years the GOP and their legions of shrill extreme right wing pundits have been waging a veritable war of attrition on the Clintons … their legacy and their character. They have used every propaganda trick and legislative gimmick deliberately designed to literally destroy them … code-words, dog whistles. endless congressional investigations and widely publicized kangaroo-court-style hearings, and even pointless impeachment proceedings … all based on contrived lies and obfuscations … ultimately going no where. Yet these exaggerated notion's of Hillary Clinton's being "untrustable" (sic) and baseless unfair one sided attacks on her record persist as evidenced in many comments here.  It is one of the most ugly persistent prolonged  smear campaigns in US political history.

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