BTS (방탄소년단) – MIC Drop (Color Coded Lyrics Han/Rom/Eng)

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*(0:27) T/N: The Korean ‘spoon class theory’ – which classifies people by their social/financial background and inherited assets. As the name implies, ‘dirt spoon’ is the humblest class, meaning they did not come from a wealthy background and ‘gold spoon’ the wealthiest.

**(1:00) T/N: Grapes (specifically, 포도알) is a Korean slang related to ticketing. On Interpark (where BTS sells their tickets most of the time), you need to click a little purple cube/square to select a seat, but as it’s so competitive to get a ticket many people complain “난 포도알도 못봤어…/I didn’t even get to see the grapes” “포도알 어디감/Where did the grapes go” so this line carries the meaning of “the concert sells out so quickly you can never buy our tickets”.

***(1:06) T/N: There is a play on words here, as this phrase carries a double meaning. ‘배가 아프다면’ also could mean ‘If you’re jealous’, as there is a saying that ‘if you’re jealous, your stomach hurts’. ‘Sue me’ also has a double meaning of ‘shame on you’.
Another meanings of gosohae (고소해): it feels good/taste nutty-good. You can say ‘gosohae’ to express how good you feel when you didn’t do anything but saw something bad happen to your enemy. (Thanks to Vitamin V.)

****(3:45) T/N: ‘각막/cornea’ is something like a buzzword in Korea right now. People use expressions like ‘참(real/true/good)각막’ to refer to one’s great taste in a funny way. For example, K-ARMYs sometimes say “Bang PD-nim has 참각막”. Another usage of this is replacing ‘눈/eyes’ with ‘각막’ too, as in ‘눈호강/easy on the eyes’ = ‘각막호강’.)

Track: 07. MIC Drop
Album: ‘LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her (The 5th Mini Album)’
Artist: BTS (방탄소년단)
Year: 2017

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