Ben Carson, When Did You Choose To Be Straight?

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“Cenk Uygur ( host of The Young Turks discusses Dr. Ben Carson and his stance on being gay and the LGBT community in general.

Dr. Ben Carson is a possible candidate in 2016 on the GOP ticket and has some very choice words when it comes to his thoughts on being gay and if it is a choice or not. He believes that it is ‘absolutely’ a choice and used examples of seemingly straight people going to prison and coming out as a homosexual as if prison were some sort of fabulous factory.

In a classic example of not understanding ‘correlation does not imply causation’, Dr. Carson has based his entire belief and medical opinion on anecdotal evidence and his interpretation of the biblical old testament. Going one step further than most, Carson was kind enough to apologize for his remarks, stating he didn’t wish to offend anyone, yet his opinion has remained unchanged.”

What do you think about Dr. Carson’s stance? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Rand Paul Twitter Attacked, Ben Crarson, Chris Matthews v. Netanyahu, Racist Emails, Obamacare Drama – The Young Turks 3/4/2015 Hour 1 News & Politics


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