BBC returns to would-be Chinese candidate Liu Huizhen – BBC News

Căn hộ cao cấp Vinhomes D' Capitale Trần Duy Hưng

Last week the BBC tried to speak to a woman who was trying to stand as an independent candidate in China’s local elections.
Liu Huizhen’s home was surrounded by unidentified men and our team was hustled away. But while the Beijing vote may have gone ahead without Ms Liu as a candidate, our reporter John Sudworth decided to try one more time to let her have her say. Produced and filmed by Lily Lee and Matthew Goddard.

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  • Vegan4Christ

    Britain uses artificial-democracy to sell the illusion of a democratic state while protecting their child-kidnapping/killing legion.

    Their fascist network; embedded with media & commerce corporations, intentionally puts chemicals in food & beverages (most often one's targeted to children) to effect the populations cognitive ability while using media for specifically crafted psychological operations to influence the masses into becoming superficial, materialistic objectivists to not only dumb-them down in order to stifle any organic dissent materializing to form against their fascist network, but to furthermore persuade the masses (particularly the children) into conforming to their corrupt, degenerate, psychologically-demented ideological system of beliefs so as to further protect their criminal legion by recruiting the masses to their ideals & vision.

    This is the same program they have in the United States; a country whose political, military and commerce higher ups seemingly have completely sold out to the ideological-frame the British cult legion has architected in order to further their monopoly.

    And there's little doubt that the Russian head officials within the political, military and commercial realm have likewise sold out to this ideological framework which they have polished nicely to shimmer & captivate the unconscious flesh-eating commoners through the entire social pyramid of humanity so as to continue their monopolization of the planet, both physically as well as mentally/ideologically/philosophically & spiritually.

    Of course, there is a towering scientific truth that remains dominate over the ideological pyramid they have engineered which is the truth of the justice & altruism found in the Buddhist/Taoist/Christian philosophical teachings which renders their ideological pyramid as beta and illuminates how their legion is of a collective mind of psychological-malignment.

  • Lucinda Zhang

    BBC, get ur translation right. She said at 2:05 she wanted to be one of the 人大代表, which means deputy to the national people's congress, not just "election". U should not post such biased and misleading video on China.

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